How To Legally Watch Irish Basketball Games Online

Notre Dame University’s football team has enjoyed massive success and worldwide popularity since beginning play in 1887. The Fighting Irish basketball team has historically been ‘in the shadow’ of the football team. This disparity could soon change thanks to Notre Dame’s basketball upgrades in the past 15 years. The team has a solid track record since the program began in 1898. In recent years, however, Fighting Irish boosters have seen the program move into the upper echelons of college basketball. Notre Dame has played in the NCAA tournament on 33 occasions and nine times since 2001.

Notre Dame fans in the United States have little trouble finding basketball game streams if they’re satellite or cable subscribers. But with the International fan base the Irish enjoy there are plenty of fans who need dependable access to live game streams. No matter what your circumstances or location you can get the live action you want by following these five rules for legally streaming Notre Dame games online:


1. CHECK THE NOTRE DAME BASKETBALL BROADCAST SCHEDULE: Due to their huge fan base Notre Dame hoops is a hot property for TV programmers. Unlike the Irish football team’s lucrative deal with NBC, the basketball squad can be found on several networks. Many Notre Dame basketball games air on ESPN but not all of them. In 2014-2015, the Fighting Irish hoopsters will play on four different networks in addition to the ESPN family of stations. You’ll be able to find a Notre Dame live basketball stream online, but it helps to know the specific broadcast outlet for every game.

2. EVALUATE THE RESOURCES AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Since the Irish basketball games air on a mishmash of networks even US based cable/satellite subscribers have to find other options at times. Overall, premium TV subscribers have it easy. ESPN has an excellent streaming platform including ESPN3 and the WatchESPN mobile app. With ESPN access alone you’re able to cover more than half of the schedule. For the rest of the Notre Dame basketball broadcast affiliates live streaming is ‘hit or miss’ and ranges from excellent online coverage to none at all. Even so, you can cut the degree of difficulty for Irish hoops live streaming with the right premium TV subscription.

3. SEARCH FOR 24/7 NETWORK LIVE FEED STREAMS: Even if you’re not a US based premium TV subscriber, you can still enjoy many of the same live streaming benefits. All you need to do is find a 24/7 live stream of the networks that broadcast Notre Dame hoops. At the very least, track down feeds for the ESPN family of networks and you’ll cover more than half of the Fighting Irish basketball games. You can find the rest on a game by game basis.

4. LOCATE A FEW GOOD LIVE SPORTS STREAMING WEBSITES: There’s plenty of live game streams available online with action from every major sport in the world. Basketball is a huge international sport and along with Notre Dame’s worldwide popularity the game streams that you need should be easy to find. All you need to do is find a quality live sports streaming site–they offer an extensive index of active game streams. There are a number of these sites, but the big ones are ADTHE, VIPBOX.EU and P2P4U. Find a site, look for the link for the Irish basketball game, and you’re ready to go.

5. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP OPTION READY TO GO: Even if you have streaming access through your cable TV service you never know when they’ll be down due to technical difficulties. For the network streams and live sports streaming sites its all the more essential to have a ‘Plan B’. Sites and streams come and go frequently, and you don’t want to be left without an option when you want to watch a crucial Notre Dame hoop contest.