Review Of VIPBOX Sports Streaming Site

Live online streaming is a great way to watch sports. You have unlimited access to action from any sport in any country in the world. You can watch what you want where you want without dealing with any ‘exclusivity rights’ or other broadcast restrictions. Once you locate a link to the right game, you’re all set. It’s not all good news–you need to find the right link in the first place. To do this, most people check out one of the many live sports streaming index websites. At one point, the ‘go to’ site was–the best live sports stream directory online by a wide margin. They made the decision to close up shop early this year leaving sports fans with stream directories that are hit and miss in terms of quality.


VIPBOX.EU definitely got off to a great start with our reviewer. He had disabled his ad-blocking software for a previous review of P2P4U and forgot to reactivate it. With no active ad blocking software, he went to the main page of VIPBOX.EU–and nothing happened. No pop-ups, no phony ‘software update’ alerts, no big ads covering the content–just a few basic banner ads for well-known online sports betting sites. He had no problem accessing the site after reactivating his ad-block software. A number of live sports stream sites make visitors disable their ad blocking before they can access live streaming.

The site design is simple and functional. Large, easy to read buttons for each sport the site features bring up the list of links for today’s action. A big button at the top of the page provides access to a list of live games. VIPBOX offers just about anything that a North American or European sports fan might want to watch–soccer, NFL football, NCAA basketball, hockey, baseball, boxing, cricket, MLB, NASCAR, etc. There are buttons for a number of lower-profile sports like snooker and darts, but these all resolve to a page titled ‘Other’. There were no links on the ‘Other’ page and it was hard to determine if these sports didn’t get coverage on the site or if there were no events scheduled. In addition, links to horse racing, Motorsports, TV shows, and TV stations also bring up the ‘Other’ page.


The real test of any live sports website is the game streams themselves. Ideally, they should be easy to find, free from intrusive or misleading ads and of high quality. Unlike other streaming services particularly P2P4U, VIPBOX may be the most hassle-free site online for getting from the main page to a live stream. There were a few adds to dismiss on the stream page and the occasional pop-under for online betting sites, but they were minimally intrusive. With some sports streaming sites being little more than delivery conduits for out-and-out scams and malware the restraint shown by VIPBOX is impressive and welcome.

Once you find a stream link it just takes a click, and you’re watching the game. Stream quality is very good with some events offering options for high-quality HD streams. The process of finding and watching a game at VIPBOX is almost shockingly easy due to the hassles that some streaming sites force upon viewers. The only issues with the streams and their indexing are very minor. Some streams are unavailable to viewers in the US and other countries. European sports books frequently offer live sports streaming to clients, but they respect geographic restrictions.

These streams are high quality and alternate streams with no restrictions are available. Still, a bit of explanation of why certain streams are unavailable in some regions would be helpful. The only other issues were minor to the point of almost not worth mentioning–a few of the games on the ‘live’ index had already gone final. An NBA basketball game was out of place on the ‘Baseball’ page. And that’s about it.


The overall quality and ease of use of VIPBOX is almost stunning given the low standards of live sports streaming websites. The site design makes it a breeze to get from the index to stream. The advertising that VIPBOX serves is minimal and easy to manage. The use of an ad-blocker makes it even better, but VIPBOX is the rare sports streaming site that isn’t a complete disaster to use without an ad-block. VIPBOX easily ranks among the best live sports streaming sites in the business.