Watch VCU Rams Games Live

Many of the college basketball ‘power elite’ can trace their programs back to the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Virginia Commonwealth University, however, didn’t start playing competitive college basketball until 1968. They’ve made a significant mark in a short time making the NCAA tournament 13 times between 1980 and the present. The VCU Rams hoops program broke into the upper echelon of the sport with the hiring of current head coach Shaka Smart in 2009. Smart would implement the now famous ‘Havoc’ offense and under his tutelage the Virginia Commonwealth basketball team fell short of the NCAA tournament only once. The highlight of his coaching tenure to date is easily the Rams’ improbable run to the ‘Final Four’ in 2011.

Virginia Commonwealth University has an enrollment of nearly 35,000 students at their Richmond, VA campus. That makes for a lot of students and alumni that want to see the Rams’ basketball games. VCU is becoming a fan favorite across the country due to their unique and aggressive style of play. Until recently, it was very difficult for VCU boosters outside of the Richmond area to enjoy live Rams’ basketball action. That’s no longer the case–it’s extremely simple to watch live streaming VCU basketball games online as long as you follow these five important steps:


1. KNOW WHERE THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED: This might sound like a goof–it’s not. VCU has TV coverage of all 31 regular season games and the Atlantic 10 Conference tournament as well as any postseason tournament games. Here’s where it gets tricky–the 31 games plus postseason action is broadcast on a mishmash of eight different networks. You’ll have an easier time finding a live Rams basketball game if you know what TV network it’s on. The good news–this is easy to find out from the VCU Athletics website.

2. KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH: Many cable/satellite TV providers offer live streaming access as part of their subscription package. At least three of the Rams broadcast partners–ESPN, CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network–have their own streaming platform. Some of the other VCU broadcast networks have minimal national exposure and limited streaming capacity. If you have any streaming access through your premium TV subscriptions, it can make finding live Rams basketball streams less difficult.

3. TRY TO LOCATE A 24/7 NETWORK FEED STREAM: Fans of some college basketball teams have it easy and can cover the entire broadcast schedule with streams of one or two networks. It’s a little more difficult for VCU fans, but you can minimize the ‘degree of difficulty’ by locating a 24/7 live feed of ESPN or one of the other Rams broadcast affiliates. A Google search often locates a live network stream with relative ease.

4. KNOW WHERE TO FIND INDIVIDUAL GAME STREAMS: Even if you have some live Virginia Commonwealth basketball live stream coverage through the previous two steps you’ll still need to fill in the gaps with individual games. There are plenty of live game streams online covering a multitude of sports from around the world. College basketball is internationally popular which simplifies finding VCU Rams live game streams. Search on some of the better live sports streaming websites including VIPBOX, ATDHE, and FirstRowSports. One site to avoid is P2P4U as it has a lot of suspicious ads that may infect your computer with malware.

5. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP STREAM SOURCE: There’s nothing worse than having a live game stream go down right after tip off. The online sports streaming scene is highly chaotic, and sites can go offline without warning. Even if you have access through your premium TV service, it’s essential to have at least one backup source for Virginia Commonwealth basketball game streams.