Five Sites That Stream Live North Carolina Games

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels have a long-standing reputation as one of the best basketball programs in college sports. They’ve won the National Championship on five occasions and have been part of the NCAA Tournament field 45 times (second most in history). The Tar Heels have sent many players to professional basketball including Michael Jordan–arguably the best NBA player in history.

It’s no overstatement to say that UNC hoops has a worldwide legion of fans. If you want to follow Tar Heels basketball action online and you’re a US premium TV subscriber, you’re in luck. If not, there are other options to catch every North Carolina basketball game streaming live. Here are the top five sites for watching UNC live game streams:


1. ESPN: The ‘Worldwide Leader’ and the ESPN family of networks broadcast the majority of North Carolina’s games. ESPN has a first-rate digital platform comprised of ESPN3 web-based streaming and WatchESPN for viewing live network streams on mobile devices. These digital options are available to all US-based cable/satellite TV customers.

2. GOHEELS.TV: The University of North Carolina has their own digital platform that streams every Tar Heels basketball game with the exception of the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. You’ll have to catch those games on the ACCNetwork and ESPN. GOHEELS.TV almost makes it too easy to get live UNC hoops action, but it does require a $79 per year subscription fee.

3. STREAM2WATCH.ME: One of the best live sports streaming sites online. You’ll be able to find every North Carolina basketball and football game here. This site doesn’t overwhelm visitors with advertising, popups and malware like some others of this type. Multiple streams for most games means no break in the action when the stream you’re watching goes down. Video quality is very good, and the site offers virtually every game in major North American and European sports.

4. ATDHE.FM: ATDHE doesn’t look like much. In fact, it looks more like a basic website your older brother would have made in the early days of the web. Don’t let the sketchy design and downright ugly aesthetics fool you. ATDHE is an essential live sports streaming site. The sports menu isn’t expansive, but all of the major TV action is covered in basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer and more. Most games have multiple stream links, and while the video quality is far from state of the art it’s definitely watchable. Just as important is what ATDHE doesn’t have–they don’t have the pop-ups, blind links, malware and scams that often infest the bottom feeder live sports sites. You should have no trouble at all finding every North Carolina Tar Heels basketball game streaming live at ATDHE.

5. VIPBOX.EU: VIPBOX.EU doesn’t try to ‘reinvent the wheel’. The site is utilitarian but functional and extremely easy to use. Every major North American and European sport is here with multiple links. Like ATDHE, VIPBOX has minimal advertising and no pop-ups, malware, scams, etc. A great place to watch Tar Heels basketball that you’ll come back to again and again even after hoop season is over.