How To Watch Live Texas (UT) Basketball Games Online

Every diehard Longhorns fans know this for a fact– the most consistent thing of Rick Barnes’s squads are their maddening inconsistencies. Throughout the years, they start their seasons strongly, blowing off weaker opponents and raising expectations, only to falter midway through the season into a stretch of abyss before finally clawing its way back to March Madness. UT basketball may not have the stature and aura of its football counterpart, and many casual observers may be surprised to hear that UT fans care about basketball at all in a state where football is king.

Regardless, the Longhorns have a proud basketball tradition. It is the program that produced Kevin Durant after all, the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player, and NBA All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge. So don’t blame Longhorns fans for expecting more than the occasional Big-12 co-championships from their perennially young teams. It is not unfair to say however, that, UT football receives more exposure than the hoops program. Every TV networks fight to broadcast UT football games, creating the illusion that its basketball program is an afterthought and less accessible. In reality, UT basketball is equally accessible, if you know where to look.

1. Longhorn Network/ WatchESPN

The Longhorn Network is arguably your one stop access to all things related to Longhorns basketball. The Longhorn Network or LHN is a joint venture between the University of Texas Athletic Department and ESPN. The networks airs all major sports events including behind the scenes, original studio content and press conferences, and is carried by almost all major cable providers as well as DirectTV. Those with cable subscription can login to to view live and on demand events.

Mobile app for the network is not yet available, but fans can also access games that are broadcasted by LHN through WatchESPN app. As most UT hoops games are broadcasted by LHN or ESPN, the WatchESPN app is a must- have by all Longhorns fans who want to tune in during college basketball season. WatchESPN is also free for students and military personnel who are connecting using on-campus or on-base wifi

2. FirstRowSports

If you don’t have access to cable or TV, FirstRowSports is an alternative stop for fans who have internet access. FirstRowSports is a website that provides multiple streaming links to live sports events including UT basketball. One drawback of the website is the incessant amount of ads and pop-ups that appear during the duration of your streaming. But beggars can’t be choosers. Please note that this is not an endorsement of illegal streaming, but rather an alternative way for diehard Longhorns to get its basketball fix.

3. SportsLemon

Similar to VIPBOX, SportsLemon is a website that provides a huge selection of links to stream live basketball events, including links to official live TV streaming. Due to the many variety of links, you are almost always guaranteed that you would find one that works. The quality of the streaming varies and occasionally there is a lag between the stream and the TV broadcast, but it’s a small price to pay otherwise.