How To Watch The PAC 12 Network Online

Up until the late 1970’s/early 1980’s the business of college sports was strictly a ‘small stakes’ affair. College football and basketball teams each had the same basic revenue streams–live ticket sales, TV and radio broadcasts and in some cases syndication. Even the big conferences and most successful schools had this type of business model. There were a few schools that had ‘sweeter deals’ like Notre Dame with their weekly national television broadcasts. For the most part, however, everyone had the same level of income from broadcasting and media.

That changed dramatically in the 1980’s first with an explosion in sports programming on cable and satellite TV and later with networks dedicated and in some cases run by individuals athletic conferences or in some cases individual schools. The Pac-12 Network was the third such network in the US and the first to be wholly owned by the conference without a media partner. The Pac-12 Network has grown to the point that there are six ‘regional networks’ that focus on schools in a specific area in addition to the national network.


The Pac-12 has a robust digital platform with live streaming to computers as well as mobile applications for viewership on tablets and smartphones. They operate under the same policy as most other conference networks, however, and the only way to access the streaming programming is to be a cable or satellite TV subscriber. Fans that have a premium TV subscription are all set–they can access the network’s streaming platform called ‘Pac-12 Now’ by logging in with their cable/satellite company user name and password.

Unfortunately, fans outside of the country or who don’t have a premium TV subscription are unable to subscribe directly to the Pac-12 Network. This outdated model is starting to change, and even big networks such as HBO and ESPN are now offering ways to access programming legally without a cable/satellite subscription. Most sports broadcasters are ‘behind the times’ for whatever reason, and they’ll likely be the last to wake up and recognize the new reality of television programming.


Finding a live 24/7 network feed stream online is fairly difficult. It does vary depending on the popularity and widespread availability of the network in question but, unfortunately, live sports networks are among the most difficult to track down. The best place to start is one of the few websites that specializes in 24/7 network feeds, Stream2Video.TV. Be aware that their results are hit and miss–network availability has a tendency to ‘come and go’. A Google search can also turn up a live stream with a little bit of luck.

It’s much easier to find live streaming of individual Pac-12 sporting events, particularly in the ‘big sports’ like football and basketball. The Pac-12 is always among the top conferences in both sports and get extensive TV coverage. Most of the many websites dedicated to live sports streaming will have a wide variety of Big-12 football or basketball games available. Some of these sites include VIPBOX , P2P4U and ATDHE among many others. It’s a good idea to start with a Google search to get the most up-to-date information on live sports streaming providers.