Unbiased Review Of P2P4U Sports Streaming Service

The viewing freedom and programming variety that live streaming affords is great but there’s one serious downside to the entire process–finding a good source for sports stream links. What was the best site in the business–Wiziwig.com–is no longer active. So far, no one has come close to their high standards of excellence. In their absence, the sports fan has to choose from a slew of what were ‘second best’ options in the past. The streaming experience is as good as ever but in the short term at least finding the right game has become more problematic.


We made a visit to P2P4U.ES to check out what they have to offer the sports streaming community. P2P4U has a variety of domains including iFeedToAll.EU, P2P4U.net and P2P4U.TV so it would appear that they move their site registration around quite a bit. This practice isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but something to be cognizant of as you might have trouble finding the site at some point.

P2P4U got off on the wrong foot from the beginning. When clicking on the first stream for evaluation, they asked us to ‘please disable ad block to enter in the website’. P2P4U even offers a helpful tutorial on how to disable ad blocking, but the link isn’t active. The practice of forcing users to disable ad blocking is becoming more common on streaming sites and is one of our ‘pet peeves’. We get that these sites are in it to make money, and the do that with advertising. The problem is one of perception–even if a site is serving fairly harmless advertising it looks very sketchy when they force users to disable protection from malware and other Internet pitfalls.


After disabling ad blocking, we hit up P2P4U again. It’s immediately obvious why they made this request. On the main page, you’ll encounter several “pop-up ads” over the content along with a few garden variety banner ads. There were also two of the detestable ‘Update your software’ type ads that are at best misleading and at worst a short cut to a malware-laden computer. Many of the ads would produce new ads when attempting to dismiss them. In addition, the ‘MalwareBytes’ software on our test computer warned us of links to at least two ‘Malicious Web Sites’.

Our second attempt to check out the site was also fruitless. After a click on a link for a game we once again got the ‘no ad blocking allowed’ message. The ad blocking was obviously off since at least a dozen ads of various sorts came at me. There were at least a half-dozen pop-under ads, several of the aforementioned ‘update your software’ ads. Our test computer is well-protected against all kinds of viruses, malware, etc. so we closed anything that could pass for ‘ad blocking software’. No dice.


We made third attempt at evaluating the site using Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome–once again with the ad blocking turned off. The resulting barrage of ads was even heavier this time. Most insidiously a file named ‘FLV Player.exe’ automatically downloaded. This download was almost certainly what computer security experts refer to as the ‘FLV add-on virus’ that tracks your browsing habits to deliver a ton of ‘targeted ads’. There’s a very good media player with the same name, and this scam takes advantage of their reputation.

Finally, we were able to make it to some of the individual sports pages for the NFL, NBA, Boxing, soccer, and NCAA Basketball. On the NHL Hockey page, we took a look at the schedule, and then it hit us–the list of links was for yesterday’s NHL games. A check of other sports gave the same result–the links were all for yesterday’s action. When we could get through the ad onslaught and check some links, the result was the same–none worked, all were for yesterday’s action with no listings of today’s games.


Can you find live streams at P2P4U? A more relevant question is “Can you find live streams at P2P4U without infecting your computer with malware”? In both cases, it’s highly unlikely. Our reviewer couldn’t, and he’s an expert on computer security. When he did make it through the mess to find game links, they were all a day old. By this point, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion that we did–P2P4U is a website with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Please read our review on alternative streaming services like First Row Sports, ATDHE and VIPBOX. We saw with our own eyes what P2P4U has to offer, and ¬†our conclusion is to stay away like the plague. There isn’t anything good about that site.