Strategies For Streaming Oklahoma Basketball Games Online

The University of Oklahoma is first and foremost a ‘football school.’ Even so, they’ve been playing basketball for a long time (since 1908) and have become one of the top programs in the country. Success in basketball is a fairly recent development. From 1908 to 1979 the Sooners basketball team made the NCAA tournament field three times. Since 1979 they’ve been in the ‘Big Dance’ twenty-five times in thirty-six years.

The OU football boosters get credit for coining the phrase ‘Sooner Nation’ to refer to their nationwide region of fans. It’s the same in basketball–there are Oklahoma alumni and supporters all over the country and all over the globe. With the rapid growth in digital technology, it’s easier than ever for them to watch Sooner basketball live. There’s plenty of live OU hoop coverage available online, and it’s easy to locate. You just have to have the right strategy.


The first tactical approach for locating Oklahoma basketball live streams is to take advantage of the resources provided by the University’s broadcast partners and your cable/satellite company. Since OU is a major program playing in a ‘power conference’ (Big 12), there’s no shortage of live game TV broadcasts. Oklahoma games air nationally on a number of networks, but their primary broadcast home is the Big 12 Network. The Big 12 Network is available on most cable/satellite systems, and more importantly offers live digital streaming on a subscription basis via the ‘Big 12 Digital Network’ and ‘Big 12 Mobile APP‘. Big 12 games also get live coverage on national networks including CBS and ESPN. Both networks have robust online streaming platforms. If a Sooners basketball game is on TV, you’ve got a great chance of finding a stream through one of these sources.

Another way to achieve this result is possible depending on your individual cable or satellite company. Many cable/satellite providers offer customers ‘TV Anywhere’ access via a web interface or a smartphone/tablet app. These services allow you to watch TV just like you were at home. If your provider has such a setup you’re all set–you can watch the Oklahoma basketball action on whatever channel is airing their game. There’s also a company called ‘Sling’ that provides a similar ‘TV Anywhere’ service though it requires equipment purchase and a subscription.


If the above strategy doesn’t work for you–or if you just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle–there’s another way to watch live Oklahoma basketball games online. There are live game streams online for virtually every sport in the world. With the high profile of OU and the Big 12 you’ll have no trouble finding Sooner basketball game streams. All you need to do is search for a live sports stream directory like FirstRowSports, VIPBOX or ADTHE. The best way to start is with a Google search–existing sites change their web addresses and new sites come online regularly. A Google search is crucial for getting the most up to date information.

Once you locate a stream directory all you need to do is find the college basketball section and click on the link for the Oklahoma basketball game. You’ll be able to enjoy the action from anywhere in the world and on any platform you wish to use. Best of all it won’t cost you a cent!