How To Watch UK Basketball Games Online

The University of Kentucky is arguably the most successful college basketball program in history. UCLA might have a case for that title based on their 11 NCAA championships but by most metrics, the University of Kentucky holds the crown. Among other things, the Kentucky basketball program has more wins (2154) and a better winning percentage (.762) than any other school. The Wildcats have won 8 NCAA titles (second to UCLA) and made the tournament field on 53 occasions, the most of any college basketball program.

Kentucky is a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), a conference more often associated with football. There’s a good reason for that–the SEC is almost certainly the best college football program in the sport. While Kentucky’s success on the gridiron has been limited they’ve been the dominant force in SEC basketball since they joined the conference in 1932. Only two other SEC schools have ever won the NCAA championships with Florida and Arkansas combining for three titles. This means that Kentucky has nearly three times as many championships as the rest of the SEC combined.


US-based fans of Kentucky basketball won’t have any trouble finding their games on television or streaming online. Not only are they one of the highest profile teams in the country but also play in one of the highest profile conferences. Television broadcasters love to feature SEC games in any sport and in basketball the ‘marquee name’ in the conference is and always has been Kentucky.

The Southeastern Conference launched their television network–the SEC Network–in 2013, and Kentucky fans can see the majority of regular season games there. The SEC Network is a partnership with ESPN, which also means that conference teams frequently play on one of their networks. The SEC boasts that every regular season basketball game is nationally televised–in addition to the SEC Network and ESPN, a few games are broadcast nationally on CBS and Fox Sports Network.


The SEC’s partnership with ESPN is very good news for fans who want to watch live action online. All of the ESPN/SEC Network games are available for live streaming to cable subscribers via the network websites. Each network also offers mobile streaming capability enabling fans to watch Kentucky basketball action on the go via a smartphone or tablet, as well as Roku Players and other streaming devices.

ESPN also has an app called ‘WatchESPN‘ that allows subscribers to stream any of the network’s live channel feeds to other devices. In addition to the ESPN-branded networks (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU and ESPN Deportes), the application also provides live access to the SEC Network. Once again, access is limited to subscribers in the United States but if you’re in that category you’ll have great streaming coverage.

The only ‘question marks’ for US cable subscriber live streaming are the CBS and Fox Sports broadcasts. CBS has launched a streaming platform called ‘College Sports Live’ and the UK games on their network will likely be part of the package. Fox Sports has very limited streaming options so even cable or satellite subscribers might have to find an alternate source for these games.


There are other ways to enjoy Kentucky basketball games online. International viewers in certain countries can subscribe to the ESPN streaming package on a short term or long term basis. Other countries might have broadcasters who air US college basketball games and most include a streaming component. For the more technologically adept, there’s always the option of setting up a US based proxy server. ThiThe proxy server setup is a fairly involved process but once you know what you’re doing it works well for accessing ‘geographically restricted’ content.

For most viewers, however, the best alternative source of Kentucky basketball action will be one of the many live sports streams available online free of charge. College basketball is very popular worldwide, and streams of virtually every game are easy to find. To locate the game you want to watch you’ll need to visit one of the many websites that offer live sports streaming including Stream2Watch, ADTHE, and First Row Sports. The best place to start, however, is with a Google search. Live sports streaming websites occasionally change their URL address, and new sites come online all the time. A web search is necessary to make sure you have the most up-to-date live sports streaming information.