How to Watch Kansas Basketball Online

The University of Kansas is the quintessential ‘basketball school’. While the Jayhawks’ football program has a losing legacy winning less than half of their games all time the basketball program is a diametric opposite. The KU hoops program similar to that of the Kentucky Wildcats rank among the longest running and most successful in the sport. Kansas has won three NCAA basketball champions and sent dozens of players to the NBA.

Jayhawks’ basketball is more than a statewide passion and KU fans are just about everywhere. Kansas boosters in the United States with a cable/satellite TV subscription will have little trouble finding live game action. For everyone else, they need to locate a different source for live Jayhawks basketball streaming. That’s very easy to do if you know the right way to do it:


The primary KU basketball television affiliate is ESPN and their family of networks. If you subscribe to a cable or satellite service, you’re good to go. ESPN’s streaming platform is one of the best available, and you can stream the action to any type of device. Fans in the Jayhawks’ broadcast region should be aware of the school’s broadcast deal with Time-Warner and other cable providers. Certain ESPN games may be subject to blackout in the regional viewing area.

So what if you’re not a US based premium TV subscriber? You have several options to watch Kansas Jayhawks basketball online. In the US, some broadband Internet providers including Verizon FIOS include ESPN streaming access with their service. For international KU fans, some options vary from one country to another. They may have access to one of ESPN’s International networks in 21 countries around the world. With college basketball’s worldwide popularity–particularly in Europe–games might have local network syndication. In addition, ESPN offers streaming-only subscriptions that cover their entire family of networks in certain countries.


If none of the above options work for you, there are other methods to watch Jayhawks game streaming. One effective strategy is to locate a stream of ESPN’s network feed. You’ll need to track down 24/7 programming feeds for all of the ESPN properties that broadcast Kansas basketball. The difficulty of finding a 24/7 network feed stream varies from one channel to the next. In some cases, a quick Google search is all you need.

You can also find Jayhawks basketball streams on a game by game basis. There is an abundance of live game streams online covering every major spectator sport in the world. All you need to do is locate the live stream for the KU game, click the link and enjoy. You’ll find an index of live game action at one of the many sports streaming websites online. When you discover a reliable live sports streaming website, you’ll want to bookmark it for future reference. You should start with some highly rated sites like ADTHE and VIPBOX. Once again, you’ll want to check Google to get the latest information. Websites move to new domains on occasion, and new sites are always coming online.