8 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Nowhere can you find more games and sports from around the world than with online live streaming. You can stay up to date with your favorite team from any device anywhere in the world. There are plenty of live sports streaming websites, but not all are created equal. Here are eight well-known free sports streaming websites with our objective, unbiased opinion on each:



VIPBOX.EU is easily one of our favorite live sports streaming websites. You’ll see what we like about the site from the first moment you visit. Many sites inundate you with pop ups and other ads the moment you hit the main page, but VIPBOX is a rare exception. They do serve a few ads, but they’re easy to eliminate with ad blocking software. Most importantly, VIPBOX offers an extensive selection of streaming links to all of the major US and European sports.

Every game has several alternate links, and the video streaming quality is consistently decent. The site index has listings for a number of lower-profile sports along with US TV networks, but these links all resolve to an empty page with the title ‘Other’. These non-functioning categories are about the only thing we didn’t like about VIPBOX. One of the best sources for live sports streams anywhere.


DRAKULASTREAM.EU is a relative newcomer to the online streaming scene but has already impressed sports fans with a professional, no-nonsense approach. Everything about the site is straightforward and intuitive with live events on the main page and a dropdown menu of in-season sports to find specific games. A digital clock on the top of the site can adjust to the visitor’s timezone.

The main page has virtually no advertising while the individual streams have a few easily manageable ads to dismiss before viewing. Streams are high quality with plenty of multiple links. When it comes to online sports streaming redundancy is a good thing–nothing worse than having a stream go out mid-game.

The only thing that prevents DRAKULASTREAM from getting a more emphatic recommendation is a lack of familiarity. We’ve used the other sites we like over the long haul, and that is a validation of their dependability. In addition, DRAKULASTREAM seem to broadcast a lot of basketball games featuring teams like Gonzaga, Arizona, VCU, Wichita State and Kansas.¬†DRAKULASTREAM looks to have great promise and is well worth a visit


STREAM2WATCH.ME doesn’t try to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but it does offer some fairly unique features. You’ll find all of the major North American and European betting sports with multiple links to decent quality streams. The main page has an extensive list of live events as well as events starting within the next few hours. There are also links to individual sports if you have a specific game of interest. There are some ads, but they’re not hard to deal with–particularly with ad blocking software.

A couple of unique things that set STREAM2WATCH apart from the crowd: there’s an extensive directory of live TV network streams from around the world including all of the major US cable channels. There’s also a continuous live stream of twenty popular TV series including ‘Seinfeld‘, ‘Married With Children‘ and ‘The Simpsons‘. It would be nice if there were a way to determine the sequence of episodes, but it’s still a fun feature. A very solid sports streaming site.


ATDHE¬†doesn’t look like much. In fact, the design of the site is downright ugly. Once you get past the aesthetics, however, you’ll find that ATDHE.FM is a quality source for live sports streaming. Nothing is exceptional at ATDHE, but everything is solid–high quality, dependable streams for many college basketball teams like Louisville, Duke and Kentucky. A big plus is their relative restraint in ad serving that makes the overall user experience significantly better than the average sports streaming website. If you’re looking for an obscure International sport, you might want to try elsewhere but otherwise ATDHE is a site you’ll return to often.


SPORTSTREAM.TV is a clean, functional site with all of the US and European television staple sports. SPORTSSTREAM may be the easiest site of all to get from the index to the game live stream. Our reviewer did it in two clicks while encountering no ads whatsoever with his ad blocking software installed. There’s only one reason that we’re not giving SPORTSTREAM a more emphatic endorsement–all streams resolve to DRAKULASPORTS stream feeds.

Most likely, SPORTSTREAM is either run by the same entity or has a partnership of some sort with DRAKULASPORTS. Given the similarities in site design it’s doubtful that it’s a ‘rip off’ of DRAKULASPORTS. For now, it’s more DRAKULASPORTS in a different wrapper than a unique sports streaming presence. That being said, it’s a very functional ‘wrapper’ so SPORTSTREAM is worth a bookmark.


FirstRowSports is one of the most recommended live streaming sites, and it covers all of the basic needs. A good assortment of the major betting sports with multiple links to good quality streams. There’s some advertising but since an ad blocker takes care of most of it that’s not a major issue. The layout and design could use improvement–some links are non-functioning. There’s nothing exceptional about FIRSTROWSPORTS, but there’s nothing that’s glaringly bad either. Worth a bookmark as a backup site if you’re interested in streaming live march madness games.


The NBC Sports digital platform at stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra is tough to rank due to its obvious content and access restrictions. The site features Notre Dame games and only sports from NBC’s sports platforms which limits the selection available. That being said, there are some major sports available including NHL hockey, college basketball and Premier League soccer. Access is also an issue–NBCSPORTS provides free access to US-based cable/satellite TV subscribers only. If you do have access, the video quality is excellent. NBC also provides a mobile app to enjoy the same content on a smartphone or tablet.

8. P2P4U:

P2P4U.ES could very well be the worst sports streaming site online. If you’re using ad blocking software–and you’re smart to do so–they’ll block your access to the site. After you turn it off you may still get access blocked–they apparently want you to disable every security application. Once you do–and we only did so for testing purposes–you might still not have site access. Our reviewer was unable to access the site via Chrome, it was only semi-functional in Firefox though it works in Internet Explorer. It’s obvious why they want visitors to disable security–they inundate your computer with a barrage of ads that borders on being a DDOS attack.

Banner ads, pop ups, pop under, ads with misleading ‘close buttons’ and worst of all malware. The site downloaded a well-known malware app to our test computer without asking. So what about the streams? In our last visit, the reviewer made it to a link page with a full schedule of NCAA college basketball games. Problem was they were yesterday’s games. Avoid this site.