Final Four NCAA Basketball Tournament

March Madness. The Big Dance. The Brackets. The Tourney. Whatever moniker you choose, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball tournament is the single biggest sporting event in the United States after the Super Bowl. The hoopla begins on Selection Sunday where a committee of NCAA officials, Athletic Directors, University Presidents and NBA General Managers would announce 68 teams they deemed worthy to compete for the national title. Seeding was done strategically based on the team’s regular season records, determining who play who, where and when.

Across the countries, millions of people, college hoops fans or otherwise, would participate in bracket challenges, picking teams they thought would prevail in each round. Diehards would analyze the matchups and statistics to no end, while casual fans would pick teams based on their own criteria – favorite mascots or uniforms, for example.

Points were awarded for each correct choice, and each round, the stake would be higher until only four teams were left standing – the Final Four. These four teams would go on to compete until one earned the title of the number 1 team in the nation. The event is full of drama, buzzer beaters and is never short of Cinderella stories – the smaller, less talented mid-major teams slaying the bluebloods and giants of college basketball. Each year, basketball fans wonder who would be the next Butler, the next VCU or Florida Gulf Coast. It is truly a spectacle and an occasion you would not want to miss. All you need is a solid internet connection.

  1. March Madness Live website

To satisfy your March Madness fix, the NCAA’s March Madness Live website is your one stop for all. The NCAA has a billion-dollars agreement with CBS Sports and Turner Sports to produce the event. All games are aired by CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV. The site also live streams each game. You can gain access to each game stream and keep track of all games by logging in using your cable subscription user information. The website also has “the Boss Button”, which you can click in the event of your boss suddenly popping in to make sure you are actually working instead of watching games during office hours. Clicking the button would bring up full screen image of Excel sheets or emails to create the illusion of productivity.

  1. March Madness Live app

The Madness Live app is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, allowing you to stream games from anywhere and anytime using your data plan or wifi. Similar to the website, you may need to login using your cable subscription information.

  1. Unofficial streaming sites

If you don’t have cable subscription and all efforts to get access to the March Madness Live website/app fail, there are unofficial sites that stream games live. Some examples of these sites are Vipbox, FirstRowSports, and ADTHE. The quality of streaming vary and usually not as high quality as what you would get through the official March Madness Live, but you will almost always be able to find a link that works for you.