How To Watch Duke Basketball Online

You can make a very compelling case that the Duke Blue Devils are the marquee program in all of college basketball. They might not have the historic success of UCLA or Kentucky, but Duke has been a force ever since Mike Krzyzewski became head coach in 1980. Since then Duke has won 4 National Championships and compiled a winning percentage of .750–the best in all of college basketball. Duke has also had more former players make the NBA than any other school.

Duke’s accomplishments are all the more impressive since they play in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) which many consider to be the toughest college basketball conference in the country. The Blue Devils were able to remain in the AP Top 25 from 1996 to 2007, a span of 200 weeks and the second longest run in history. In 2008, ESPN proclaimed Duke to be the best program of their generation noting “Duke is king of the hill in college basketball in the 64-team era of the NCAA tournament.”


Duke plays their home games in the famously rowdy Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina. The facility has a capacity of only 9,314 making it tough to score a Duke basketball ticket–particularly for important games against top rivals. Even students have to scramble for tickets–that isn’t the case at most college campuses.
The good news for Blue Devils’ fans is that no team in college basketball is on TV more frequently than Duke. Former college coach Pete Gillen once quipped that Duke is ‘on TV more often than Leave It To Beaver re-runs’. The major networks that broadcast college hoops love to feature Duke in their nationally televised games. Not surprising since the team is usually among the best in the country and attract a sizable viewership.


The ease of finding live streaming feeds for Duke basketball games varies depending on the specific broadcast outlet. For US cable subscribers, ESPN has great streaming coverage with CBS and Fox Sports also offering online access to their games involving Duke. It’s not accurate to say that you can find every Duke basketball game on one of these streaming platforms, but you will have a better than average chance of doing so.

Games broadcast by the Atlantic Coast Conference’s TV network are a different matter. Unlike the TV networks operated by other major conferences, the ACC Network isn’t really a ‘network’ at all. Instead, it is a syndication service operate by Charlotte, NC-based Raycom Sports. The ACC Network’s digital media presence lags far behind the other networks–in fact, they offer little more than archived videos of games and press conference on UStream.


Given the patchwork nature of Duke’s TV coverage combined with the ACC Network’s substandard digital platform there’s no guarantee that even a US based cable subscriber will be able to find the live streaming of every game. This ‘degree of difficulty’ is even higher for non-subscribers and those living outside of the United States. Unlike the SEC Network, the ACC Network doesn’t provide any subscription access to international viewers or sign on foreign broadcast affiliates.

US-based Duke fans might be able to find live game streams on ESPN, Fox Sports or the other streaming platforms, but there’s no guarantee. For that reason, it’s a good idea to assume that if you want to watch live Duke Blue Devils basketball action online you’ll have to ‘get creative’ and not rely on the usual methods.


The best way to make sure that you don’t miss any Duke basketball action is to take advantage of the many live sports streams available online. You can find live game streaming of just about any sport and league in the world. With the international popularity of basketball and the enormous appeal of a top program like Duke, it should be especially easy to track down Blue Devils’ basketball action.

In order to locate the Duke game you want to watch you’ll need to use one of the many Internet live sports streaming websites. These websites aggregate an index of game streams–just find the game you want to watch in the index and click the link. Some live sports streaming sites include First Row Sports, VIPLeague, and Stream2Watch. New sites come online all the time and established sites occasionally change web addresses. For this reason, the best place to start is a Google search to make sure you’ve got the most current information.