How To Watch BIG Ten Network Online

The Big Ten is the most venerable college sports organization in the country. For that reason, it’s appropriate that their TV network was one of the first dedicated college athletic conference television platforms in the country. The genesis of the network dates back to 2004 with the current incarnation starting to take shape starting in 2006. The network is a partnership between the conference and Fox Entertainment, who owns 51% and has majority control. Initially, the conference held majority control with 51% ownership but Fox upped their stake several years after launch. It was really in the best interest of both parties as Fox has been able to significantly increase network viewership.

As strange as it may seem, there are more than ten member universities in the Big Ten. The recent additions of Penn State (1990),Nebraska (2010), Rutgers (2013) Maryland (2013) pushed the total number of schools well beyond the original ten. The Big Ten has been a dominant conference in both football and basketball—conference schools have won 41 college football national championships though only four since 1970. They’ve also won national championships in basketball, hockey, lacrosse, golf tennis and wrestling.


If you’re an American based cable or satellite subscriber living you’re not going to have any problem finding Big Ten Network coverage streaming online. Assuming that your service carries the conference network’s programming (and most of them do) you’ve already got access to the ‘BTN2Go‘ streaming platform. BTN2Go provides a 24/7 live stream of the network to a variety of devices including computers, smartphones and tablets. But here’s the catch–US Big Ten fans can’t subscribe to the service directly. You have to have the ‘qualifying’ cable/satellite service.

In addition, international fans who don’t mind spending a little bit of money can get BTN2Go access as well. The conference offers non-US viewers the ability to subscribe directly to the service without any type of ‘qualifying package’. In other words, if you’re a cable or satellite service subcriber in the US or a foreign citizen you can get all of the streaming programming you want directly from the source.


The conference also offers a package called ‘BTN Plus’ which includes ‘non-televised games and events.’ There’s a lot of student-produced programming which can vary widely in quality. There’s also a plenty of ‘non-revenue’ sports like volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, etc. Oddly enough, US fans don’t need a ‘qualifying TV service’ to subscribe to BTN Plus. It’s also available for international fans as part of their BTN2Go service but does require an additional charge.

If you’re looking for individual Big Ten football or basketball games online you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them. The Big Ten is among the most high-profile conferences in both sports and, as a result, are on TV often. You’ll likely find any game involving a Big Ten team on one of the many live sports streaming websites such as ATDHE, firstrowsports, VIPBOX or P2P4U. Finding a 24/7 network stream is much more difficult. There are websites such as Stream2Video.TV that specialize in 24/7 network feeds but the availability of some networks is sporadic and the quality not always up to par.