How to Watch Big 12 Basketball Tournament Online

The Big 12 Conference has a reputation among the general public as a ‘football conference’. That’s understandable–the majority of member schools are in ‘football country’ and include historic powerhouses like Texas and Oklahoma. This perception is starting to change due to recent basketball success by conference teams. Winning basketball in the Big 12 is nothing new–Kansas and Kansas State have been top ranked programs for decades. With some nationally ranked teams on top and a good deal of parity throughout the rest of the bracket, the Big 12 tournament is one of the most entertaining of all college postseason tournaments.


Due to a cushy broadcast relationship with ESPN, the Big 12 basketball tournament is one of the easiest of all post season events for streaming viewership. In fact, if you are a US based cable or satellite TV subscriber you should already have all that you need to watch every game of the Big 12 tourney. ESPN has one of the most full-featured streaming platforms of any major television network. Most of the programming on any of the ESPN family of networks is available for live streaming. On the web, the streaming can be found on the ‘ESPN3‘ online digital network. On a mobile device, all of ESPN’s live programming is available on the WatchESPN app.

ESPN’s digital access covers streaming for all but a few games of the Big 12 basketball tournament. The only games that don’t air on one of the ESPN networks are the first two ‘play in’ games. These games are also easy for any premium TV customer to stream–in fact, they are covered exclusively on the ‘Big 12 Digital’ website. You can also find ESPN coverage on many cable/satellite providers proprietary ‘TV anywhere’ applications.


If you’re not a US based premium TV subscriber don’t worry–there’s plenty of other ways to watch live streaming coverage of the Big 12 basketball tournament. We’ll start with the easy part–the two ‘play in games’ on the Big 12 Digital Network may be available worldwide. If there are geographic restrictions you can circumvent them easily with a proxy server (if you don’t know what this means Google it).

The ESPN family of networks is also easy to find. There are many 24/7 live network feeds streaming online. You can find these with a Google search, or a better idea is to visit STREAM2WATCH.ME, FirstRowSports and ATDHE. STREAM2WATCH provides a well-curated index of live sports programming but in addition they offer live network feeds for most major US premium TV channels–including the entire ESPN family.


If you can’t locate a 24/7 live feed of the ESPN networks you’re still in good shape. There is an abundance of live game streams online for every major sport in the world. Given the international popularity of basketball there should be no trouble at all finding postseason college tournaments. There are plenty of websites that offer a listing of all available live game streams–three of the best are STREAM2WATCH, VIPSPORTS and ATDHE.FM.
The winner of the Big 12 Tournament earns an automatic seeding in the NCAA Basketball Tournament aka ‘March Madness’. You won’t have to worry about following the Big 12 entrant online–CBS will once again stream every game of ‘March Madness’ online free of charge.