The Truth About ATDHE Revealed

On New Years Day 2015 sports streaming fans got a big shock with Wiziwig.TV’s surprise announcement that they were closing. Wiziwig was the undisputed champion of live sports streaming with a ton of information, extensive indexes of links and a knowledgeable and helpful user community. There are still plenty of sports streaming websites available online, but they vary widely in terms of quality. Some sites do a good job while others are laden with deceptive ads and malware. It’s essential for the streaming community to know which sites are solid and give them the support they deserve.


ATDHE doesn’t look like much. In fact, the site is downright ugly and reminiscent of a homemade website the early days of mainstream Internet adoption. Lists of links are uneven with incorrect formatting. Graphics are minimal–the few that exist are banner ads for online sports betting sites. Visitor email inquiries go to a address. Overall it’s an aesthetic mess with an outdated interface. Amazingly, the ‘minimalist’ design of ATDHE is a positive. You never get the idea that the site is trying to scam you or sneak malware on your computer. In comparison to other live streaming websites like P2P4U–which is unusable due to the onslaught of advertising–ATDHE is a breath of fresh air.

ATDHE would be one of the few sports streaming sites that you can use without ad block software were it not for intrusive serving of third party ads over live stream players. Among these ads are a number of Internet bottom feeders including a variety of ‘software update’ scam ads. If you wait for a half minute or so you’ll be able to close the ads without incident. This unctuous tactic and presence of advertisers of dubious quality are the only issues we have with the site’s advertising policy.


ATDHE indexes streams in the major North American team sports including baseball, hockey, football and basketball. They also cover the big European spectator sports including soccer, cricket and rugby. ATDHE has listings for some extremely low profile sports including volleyball, and NASCAR. There were no live links available in either of the previous categories and it’s hard to determine the extent of ATDHE’s coverage in these sports. Boxing, tennis, poker, Moto GP and ‘other’ have a dedicated link. There’s a link to ‘ESPN‘ but is nonfunctioning to the best of our determination. The front page has a live sports index and clicking the ‘live sports’ index on any page takes you here.

The selection of games is decent in the major US and European television sports staples. The extent of ATDHE’s ‘minor sports’ coverage is unclear. There were no links for any of the ‘niche’ sports like Moto GP and handball at the time of our visit. The absence of links could be due to the sports being out of season so we’ll reserve judgement for now. The streams that are available are stable with decent video quality. Options for multiple bandwidth speeds would be welcome but overall it’s easy to find and watch live game action.


We’ll admit it. We had extremely low expectations for ATDHE based on the overall aesthetics and design of their website. If we didn’t know better, we’d think it was an early incarnation of the website from the late-1990’s. Check out the Internet Archive ( and look at any website from 1997 and you’ll get the idea. The ATDHE website is somewhere between ‘outdated’ and ‘downright ugly’.

That being said, we’re here to evaluate ATDHE as a live sports streaming site and not to critique their aesthetics. That’s where ATDHE would demonstrate something that we didn’t expect–it’s an excellent source for live sports streams. We wish they’d get rid of the sketchy advertisers but with ad block software that’s a non-issue. They might not have the most exhaustive selection of sports but they’ve got the major North American and European TV staples covered. It’s easy and quick to find a specific live game stream and start watching the action. There’s a well-known idiom that first appeared in the writing of George Eliot: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Similar to VIPBOX and first row sports, ATDHE is a perfect example of this concept and deserves a place among the essential live streaming websites.