Watch Arizona Basketball Games Online

Aaah…it’s the dilemma that many Wildcats fans have. You want to cut cable cord to save some money, but it’s college basketball season and you want to keep up with your beloved Wildcats as they trounce their Pac-12 opponents on their way to the NCAA tournament. Or you live on the other side of the country and your TV channels only broadcast games by local teams, so you’re stuck with Louisville vs. Kentucky instead of the Arizona Wildcats vs. Duke.

Don’t fret because nowadays you don’t have to sit through a game you aren’t interested in. Because of the popularity of online sports streaming many networks are broadcasting live events on the internet. Even Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streams popular TV shows on the internet.

The downside to online sports streaming is cable companies decide what games they will make available online. The great majority of cable networks because of advertisement priority keep their fans hostage, but not all are lost. There are ways for Wildcat fans to watch basketball games online, some more legal and/or reliable than the others. Please note that the following list is not an endorsement of illegal streaming, but some alternative ways for Wildcats fans who want to follow their team but do not have access to cable or TV.

1. Pac-12 Now App

The Pac-12 Now app is available for iOS, Android and select Kindle mobile devices and provide 24/7 access to all Pac-12 sports events including basketball. Users will have to login using their cable provider user information. If you are one of the many unfortunate fans who have DirectTV, Charter or other cable companies that do not carry the Pac-12 channel, however, you may not be in luck. Chances are though, you have friends or know fellow Wildcats diehards who have access to Pac-12 channel and do not mind sharing their login information with you.

 2. WatchESPN App

WatchESPN streams all live sports events broadcasted by the ESPN family of channels. Blackout may apply to some local events, but the app also provides access to past events and replays. You will need to login using your cable provider user information. However, if you are a student or a military personnel connecting using on-campus and on-base wifi or VPN, the access is free and unlimited. The app is also built-in to Apple TV and compatible with Google chromecast.

3. Dish Sling TV and Dish Anywhere App

If you or someone you know who have a subscription to Dish, you can stream any channels using their Dish Anywhere App as long as you have internet connection. Dish recently also announced that they will provide no-commitment and no-contract streaming access to select channels for $20 including ESPN. The app, however, is not currently integrated for use with Apple TV and Google chromecast.

4. VipSportsBox

Vipbox is a website that provides a huge selection of streaming links to popular sports events including most of the Wildcats basketball games. You are almost always able to find a link that streams a game in good quality. Occasionally, the site would also have links to official live TV broadcast.

5. FirstRowSports

Like Vipbox, FirstRowSports also provide many links for streaming access. The site is not as user friendly or good quality as Vipbox, but the links work for the most part.