College basketball in terms of popularity has exploded in the last decade with viewership going through the roof during march madness  and the final four tournament. Another thing that have really spiked interest in college basketball is the multi-facet ways that NCAA games are being delivered nowadays.

More and more conferences are forming their own digital networks to accommodate the needs of fans. Conferences like the SEC, BIG Ten, PAC 12, and the ACC has their own digital network that broadcast live games over the internet.

With the exception of the SEC, who has formed a partnership with ESPN to operate their TV network every other conference self-operate their network. The excitement of college basketball among fans couldn’t be higher that’s why we’ve outlined the many ways you can find a live feed to your favorite game online.


NCAA basketball don’t take a back seat to anyone in terms of viewership, but it really spikes during the tournament particular in March and early April. The tournament consist of the top 68 teams, many of which have won their conference tournament. There are usually a couple Cinderella teams from lower level conferences sprinkled here and there, but the favorites are almost always from the power five conferences.

Television rights are shared between several networks, but the two biggest are CBS SportsTurner Sports and ESPN. Coverage of the tournament is all over the place with ESPN streaming several games via their online portal. Even if you can’t watch your favorite team on television, you can usually find a free stream at or

See How Easily You Can Stream Your Favorite Team:

Arizona Wildcats Kansas Jayhawks Villanova Wildcats
Baylor Bears Maryland Terrapins Virgina (UVA)
Butler Bulldogs Notre Dame  West Virginia (WVU)
UConn Huskies Louisville Cardinals Wichita State Shockers
Michigan State Texas Longhorns Wisconsin Badgers
Georgetown Hoyas Oklahoma Sooners Syracuse Orange
Gonzaga Bulldogs North Carolina Kentucky (UK)
Indiana Hoosiers Utah Utes Northern Iowa
Iowa State Cyclones VCU Rams  Arkansas Razorbacks

Below We’ve Listed Popular Live Streaming Sites offer numerous streams including UK, and SMU games, and many other throughout the NCAA season. These streams are high-quality, and are able to be received directly from the provider, meaning that there are few pop-up ads or offers to crowd your viewing experience. As well, the sound with the video tends to be of high quality.

The one issue with the platform is that you must be  a subscriber of their preferred internet service providers. Before you can stream a game, ESPN prompts you to verify you subscription by asking that you enter your identification number and password.  Another annoying thing about WatchESPN is that some of the regional games may get blacked out. If that happens you won’t be able to access a live feed. The alternative at this point is to visit other sports streaming services. Provides Live Scores & Highlights

The NCAA official website is a great place to visit to find live games. The NCAA has come a long way in terms of being a streaming platform for fans. The site is super clean, and the feeds are usually high in quality. You can even stream the games live on your phone, tablet or laptop.

The only negative about the official NCAA website is that they only provide live streams during march madness, elite eight, and the final four. During the regular season live streams are hit and miss so the best thing to do is to visit

VIPBOX Live Stream

VIPBOX is a great resource if you are searching for an online avenue for streaming your favorite college team’s game. VIP BOX does not directly show the games; rather, it works as a forum with outbound links to websites where you can watch the games live. Essentially, it works as a gigantic online channel listing. This is great way to find online streams, but there is no guarantee regarding the quality of the streams.

As well, whenever you are using outbound links, it is necessary to be aware and ensure that you are only clicking on legitimate links – there can be adware tied to many of the links like the ones found on P2P4U. Usually the pop-up ads can be navigated through, and stream qualities can be quite good.

First Row Sports

FirstRowSports offers a lot of live streams throughout the college basketball season, as do sites like ATDHE and VIPBOX.EU. The March Madness tournament is a major sporting event that FirstRowSports do a great job of streaming. This website has an embedded flash video player, meaning that you do not have to follow outbound links in order to stream a game; however, it does still employ pop-up ads that can take you outside of the website.

Although the popups can be annoying it can be easily removed by minimizing the screen or simply exiting out of it by clicking the “X” icon. In terms of quality, firstrowsports isn’t our first choice, but they do offer a decent stream that don’t skip or cut off without warning. is our top choice

In terms of quality and reliability is at the top of the mountain. Stream2watch like many of the other streaming services are ran and operated in Europe. They do a good job of organizing all the games on the home page  for newbies, and has a great user experience that’s unlike the other sites. offer a plethora of live games including Duke Blue Devils‘ games, and nearly all televised NCAA basketball games.

While the streams are high in quality, you will see some popup ads around the sidebar. Ads aren’t anything new to many fans, but it becomes annoying when it’s too excessive. Luckily isn’t too overly excessive with the ads. Our research team ranked stream2watch very high in terms of being the top streaming service on the internet.

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